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Andrew Logan18-May-2022 15:19:59< 1 min read

5 things you can do to improve SEO

Google +

While google + is far from the most popular form of social media it is owned by the worlds number one search engine so it isn’t hard to believe that if your business has one you will improve your SEO status.


Blog consistently, not only will this improve your SEO by adding keyword-rich content to your website but it will also give your target market confidence in your expertise and improve your credibility.


Most websites start with http:// the “s” stands for secure which boosts your SEO rankings. Talk to your webmaster and purchase a certificate for around £100

Resize your images

Images on your website should be much smaller than images used for print, we recommend 100k maximum. Larger files impact the speed of your site which has a negative impact on your SEO rankings.


This refers to a page on your site which could not be found by your server. Often this is a page which once existed and has since been removed. Not only is this frustrating for your visitors but negatively impacts your SEO efforts.